Saturday, January 24, 2009

Free Redbox Movies

Every Monday is movie night at our house. FREE movie night, that is. We usually get two... one that's kid-friendly and one for just my hubby and me. I was soooooo excited when I first came across this deal. Redbox is usually only a dollar anyway, so if you rent it for free just one time, I understand you're not really saving much. But if you figure we watch two every Monday, that's about eight per month, so it would add up quick! It's a fun family night for us. Especially since Mondays are always so busy around here. That's when I'm usually getting my week all planned out and sometimes even getting out and getting some of my shopping done, too, if I'm on top of things.

Anyway, so here's what you do to get your free movie. You can go to every Monday (or I will sometimes post it here) to see what the free code is for the day. It expires at midnight, so you can pick up your free movie anytime during that day. Now, if you use a different credit/debit card for each transaction, you can get more than one movie. They won't charge your card unless you turn it in late, which then it would be $1 per night, and they are always due by 9:00 pm.

If you've never used Redbox before, you can go to to see how it all works. We usually check the site before we leave to choose the movie we want and see which location it's at. There's one by our house, and we usually just choose a movie that's there, unless we know we'll be over in another part of town that day. The cool thing is that you can always return it to any location you want. If you're paying for your movie, you can reserve it online, then go pick it up. But if you're using a free code, then it won't let you do that. Just check online right before you leave, and it will probably still be there when you go to pick it up.

There are usually various other free codes out there for Redbox at any given time. You can see which ones are currently working at especially if you want to rent a movie on a day other than a Monday. A few of the codes out there right now are: "redbox", "breakroom", "dvdonme", and if you use a Redbox at a McDonald's location, you can use "mcdwntr". Have fun!


STL Mommy said...

Thanks for visiting! Don't you just love Red Box Movie Mondays! :) Your blog is great! I hope to see you again soon,

The Frugal Family Manager said...

Thanks, Kim!

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