Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My First Post!

I've been wanting to start a blog like this for months!! My mind has been full of ideas of things I would post. Especially since I read a lot of blogs on a regular basis and come across lots of great deals and information on the internet. But I haven't had a place to keep it all organized and in one place. Therefore, I'm always losing things and not staying as organized as I'd like.

But I just never was quite ready for this type of blog... until now. You see, we only got high speed internet about a month ago, and before that, well, it would have taken way more of my time than I really have the time for. I do have a family scrapbook type of blog that I do in order to keep friends and relatives updated, as well as it being for a keepsake. But that's a different type of blog, and I don't want to clutter that up with miscellaneous stuff that my relatives all have to sift through just to see what we've been up to. But I do intend to put stuff on here about my family, too... and homeschooling... and well, whatever else I feel like at the time.

So I'm really excited to finally have a place to keep all this stuff, and maybe even be a blessing to someone else along the way. I think it'll also be great accountability for me to stay on top of things like menu planning, how much I'm spending on groceries, etc. So here goes... off and running!

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