Sunday, January 25, 2009

Scrapbooking With My Son

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We've decided to take a little break from our normal homeschool curriculum... at least for now. Instead, my oldest son, Joshua, who is almost eight, and I are SCRAPBOOKING together!! It's something I've been wanting to do with him for a long time, but have always put off.

We scrapbooked a little bit together when he was younger, but it's been at least a couple of years since then. I figure if I don't take the time to do this with him now, he will get to the point where he's not interested in it anymore, and I will miss out on that chance.

I used to scrapbook a LOT. And I used to go scrapbook SHOPPING even more. Which means I have boxes and boxes of scrapbooking stuff that I have never used, and I am very behind in my scrapbooks. So a week ago, I pulled all that stuff out and I've been enjoying getting back into it. And it's neat to see my son enjoying a hobby that I love so much!

One of the days last week, I had been scrapbooking with him, but then I had to go do some errands. So I left the boys home with Dad, and he continued to sit there scrapbooking for the 2 1/2 hours I was gone! So yeah, he's really into it, and he's pretty good at it, too. He's actually getting more pages done than ME (and he thinks that's REALLY cool)!


Rebeca said...

How fun- for both of you!

mommyto3duckies said...

That's so great! I love to scrap too. ~Jasmine

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