Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free Entertainment Book

Last year, we ordered the Entertainment Book, but this year we decided not to. Until I came across this great deal and ordered one this weekend! If you haven't ordered one yet, here is how you can get an Entertainment Book for free:

  • Join Cashbaq.com and get a $5 bonus for joining.
  • While at cashbaq.com, click on "Entertainment Book". You will get $6 cashback on your purchase.
  • Next to the 50% off coupon, click on "Use This Coupon"
  • Enter your zipcode
  • The price is 50% off, which is $12.50
  • Click on "Buy the Book"
  • Proceed to Checkout
  • Check the Box "Send Me This Every Year" and you will get an extra $5 off. Here is what Deal Seeking Mom says about this: "I have used this option before, and you’ll receive a postcard in the mail so you can cancel if you don’t want it. It states that you may be charged the $5 back, but I was not and others have had the same experience. Even if you decide against this option, the $5 for registering with Cashbaq makes up for it!"
  • Click "Continue"
  • Enter billing info
  • Standard Shipping is $2.79

You pay $10.29. You will get $11 put into your cashbaq account (they can either pay you by check or credit your Paypal account when you have at least $10 in your account. Just make sure you enter in your preferred method of payment under "My Account"). So you actually come out ahead $0.71. Not to mention your savings from USING your Entertainment Book!


Shanygne said...

what kinds of things are IN the entertainment book?? I am always afraid I will purchase something like that and then not be able to use it...

Thanks! Love your blog!

The Frugal Family Manager said...

There are lots of buy one, get one free coupons for various stores, restaurants, sporting events, etc. There are also grocery store coupons for $5 off $50. We didn't use it a ton, but there were times when we did and it was nice to have. That's why I was so glad to get it for free this time. Hope that helps!

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