Monday, March 16, 2009

My Deals Last Week: Mar 7-14

I was sick the first part of last week, then the weather here became absolutely beautiful towards the end of the week, so my blog took a backseat. But I am back now. Although these deals were from last week, I was pretty excited about how much I spent on all of it, so I've decided to post it anyway.

Fred Meyer

Lysol Disinfectant Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner-- on sale for $0.99 in the discount bin (bought two)- What a nice surprise as I wasn't expecting this. But I was sure glad that I brought all my coupons with me, just in case!
Used two $0.50/1 coupon from Sunday paper & double coupons
*Total price: FREE

Free Dr. Pepper from coupon

Health Valley Soups (bought 4)-- on sale for $1.67
Used printable coupons here & double coupons
*Total price: $0.68

Mentos gum (bought 2)-- $1.49
Used two $1.00/1 coupons from Sunday paper & double coupons
*Total price: FREE

Quaker Quakes Rice Snacks (bought 3)-- $1.00
Used three .50/1 coupons from Sunday paper & coupons from free samples, & double coupons
*Total price: FREE

Total Paid at Fred Meyer: $0.68

Last week was a pretty exciting week for Walgreens shoppers who buy diapers and wipes. had $5.00/1 and $3.00/1 coupons for Huggies diapers and wipes. My mom printed off more coupons for me at her work, so I was able to do five transactions. Pictured is what I bought in the first two transactions. Here is what I spent:
Transaction #1:
Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers-- on sale for $10.00 each (bought two)
Huggies Baby Wipes (184 Pack)-- on sale for $6.00 each
Used three $5.00/1 printable coupons from
Buy $25 of above products, receive $10.00 in Register Rewards at checkout.
*Total price: $1.00 (after Register Reward)
Transaction #2:
same as transaction #1 above
Total paid for everything pictured: $2.00 (after Register Rewards)
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