Monday, March 30, 2009

Our Park Adventures- Day 1

Today was a beautiful day for the park. My hubby had just gotten back from an appointment, so he decided to join us.

We spent an hour there today, playing on the swings and the merry-go-round, and kicking the soccer ball around. After such a rainy weekend, we just soaked in the sun today. We also went for a 1/2 hour walk around the neighborhood there while my son rode his scooter. It was great for us all to spend some time together-- I was glad my hubby was able to join us today.

Here are a few pictures from our afternoon:


Jenny said...

I'm so glad moving never affected my like that :)!

aprilfoolwed said...

I just found your blog yesterday. :)

Isn't springtime the best? We had lots of rain this weekend and the fun is out today! I can't wait to play outside this afternoon!

We moved into a new house 5 years ago. It took much longer to complete than expected and we ended up moving into an apartment for 6 months after we sold our other house. What a trying time! We had 2 kids at that time - and they were 2 and 5-months when we moved to the apartment. Hope your move moves along soon!

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