Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pregnancy Update

I really can't believe how far along I am already. 20 weeks!! We're halfway there already! This has been by far my easiest pregnancy I've had. Most of the time, I don't even feel pregnant. (Maybe I'm just too busy to notice...lol) I've had no morning sickness whatsoever, just a few headaches here and there. I've been taking a lot of vitamins and I think that has been helping a lot with my energy level. All of this has been such a blessing.

Just in the past couple of weeks, I've started to feel the baby move. The movements have really gotten a lot stronger just this past week, though.

Today I had an ultrasound and we found out who that little person is in there. Not that I was surprised at all... it's another boy! That must be all we make around here. lol After a 20-minute ultrasound, measuring everything you can think of, they finally get around to checking if it's a boy or a girl. I think they should do that first! But we were also very glad to find out that everything looked good and the baby is healthy.

It will be nice to have two boys right close together (16 months apart)... they can share a room until they're grown... and hopefully will be very good friends. I have to admit, I was hoping for a girl, but the Lord knows what is best for our family, and we are thankful and blessed with what He has for us. We are happy that our family is growing and that we have this new little one to love. And my oldest is really glad, too-- he was hoping for another brother... of course.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My New Favorite Blog

I have a new favorite blog. I came across it a few weeks ago. Heidi's blog, Mt. Hope Chronicles, is wonderful! I love her style, all the beautiful photography, lots of stuff about homeschooling and life in general... go check it out! I also added a list of links on the sidebar for some other photography blogs I've come across lately that I've enjoyed.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Free Beverage at Borders

Go here to print a coupon for a free 12-oz beverage from Seattle's Best, located inside Borders Bookstores. Coupon good until June 18th. Enjoy!

Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Works For Me: Free Spending Money

With the weather getting nicer and us getting busier, I haven't spent much time in the stores, taking advantage of any good deals and free offers lately. We've even canceled our newspaper subscription for a while. Instead, I have signed up with several free trial offers that I've received with my credit card statements. I've done these free offers several times over the years, and it is an easy way to make some spending money.

Just in the past two months, I've made $140 by doing only four free trials. They are:

  • Traveler's Advantage
  • Buyer's Advantage
  • AutoVantage
  • Complete Home

These offers are really easy to do. The main thing is you have to make sure you are diligent about canceling in time. Otherwise, you will be charged. Then it's not such a good deal anymore. So at the same time I am filling out the form, I write the info on my calendar. If it's a 30-day trial, your trial usually begins when you receive your membership packet in the mail. I write the info on my calendar for 30 days from the day I mail it in. Then I know I will for sure be canceling it in time.

I write: the name of the program, the phone number to cancel, what the free promotion is, and how much I will be charged if I forget to cancel. I'm really good at looking at my calendar each day, and especially on Sundays when I am planning out my week. But if you tend to forget to look at it, this probably isn't the way to go for you. But if you are good at remembering to cancel, I recommend you try these out if you come across them. I'm not sure if you can go to their websites to sign up or if you have to actually receive a sign-up form in the mail, but it would be worth looking into.

It's been nice to have a little extra spending money for things we otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford right now. I've gotten portraits done of my boys, printed regular 4x6 pictures, gotten occasional ice cream/espresso treats, bought myself a few summer clothes and this weekend, I am going to garage sales to look for summer clothes for the boys. None of these things are in our budget right now, so I am thankful that those free offers came my way.

Have a Works For Me Wednesday tip you'd like to share? Visit We Are That Family for more great links.

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