Sunday, March 7, 2010

Computer Back-ups & Free Photo Books

Today I backed up my computer. Every time I back it up, I write the date on my log sheet so I can keep track. Although my goal is to do this at least monthly, I only tend to back up my computer about every 3 months. I need to get better at this, especially with a newborn who changes so quickly. I would be devastated if I lost 3 months of photos of this little guy.

We have an external hard drive, so I just copy the newer folders over to that drive. It's so easy, really. I don't know why I don't stay more on top of that. But I am going to try harder this year.

Another thing I'm doing this month is taking advantage of some of the free photo book offers online. I made one a few years ago & was really happy with the results. Since there are so many offers, I'm going to make one for each of my boys, plus a family album. I think it's important to have that hard copy of my favorite photos.

Here are a couple of links to the free photo books that I've come across lately from
Money Saving Mom's website: MoneySavingMethods tells how you can get a free 20-page photo book from Picaboo for free (plus $3.99 shipping). Offer expires 3-31-10.

Big J has also been wanting to do some scrapbooking lately, so I'm going to take advantage of
Kodak's 100 free prints (+ $1.99 shipping) offer to give him a nice stash of photos for his scrapbook. Hurry, this one expires 3-11-10.

For more free offers,
Money Saving Methods has lots of links to other websites you can get prints for free (plus shipping). Have you backed up your computer recently?

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