Sunday, March 7, 2010

Worth Passing Along

A few links I enjoyed reading this week:
  • The House That Two Incomes Built- Part 1 (Smockity Frocks)- this post was an encouragement to me as we are getting ready to downsize to a smaller home as well. Another great post about what is important in life. (You can go here to read about why we are selling our home)
  • I Can't Do It All (A Familiar Path)- Melissa is one of my favorite writers. She's so down-to-earth. This post was another great reminder that I'm not the only one who doesn't have it all together. With our house on the market, it's been tough trying to keep the house extra super clean with three boys. And everyone's been sick the past couple weeks, which makes everything harder.


Holly said...

Hi Shanna - I just discovered your blog and I like it a lot! I have a frugal living website that you might be interested in checking out; we might be able to share some ideas and links.
Are you on Twitter?

Ginger said...

Thanks for linking to the frugal living post I have posted by Michelle from Lipstick To Crayons.

I hope your readers find lots of great info in that post as well as on I try to post loads of info on how to slash your grocery budget.


The Frugal Family Manager said...

Thanks Holly! No, I'm not on twitter. I checked out your blog & I enjoyed it too. You're a really good writer. Loved the post about the ant & the grasshopper. Nice to meet you!

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