Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Dog Ate My Homework

We've all heard the line, "The dog ate my homework" and, well, it doesn't usually work, of course, especially if you don't even own a dog. Well, yesterday my 9-yr old son came up with his own unique version of that & I just had to laugh. He was working at the table on his language arts paper, then got up & said he had to go to the bathroom. During this time, I am sitting on the couch, feeding Baby J.

A few minutes later, I look up & where is my 9-yr old? At the table, finishing his paper? Nope. He's sitting on the couch reading one of his library books. I ask him why he's not working on his language arts & he tells me, "I can't find my paper!". Really? LOL Nice try. We quickly found his paper sitting on the shelf, where he set it when he was headed into the bathroom. Never a dull moment with that boy.

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