Monday, July 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - July 26th

Okay, so last week, I think I only made half of the meals on my menu. It's so easy to get busy in the summer doing spontaneous things that come along, that sometimes your menu just has to change to keep up. My life certainly doesn't revolve around my menu! lol I love spontaneity sometimes.

My mom & I have also been really busy with tackling some projects around here (have I mentioned that I have an awesome mom?)... lots of yard stuff- cutting back trees & bushes, weeding, hauling off a truck-load of yard debris, getting ready to rototill, then will put down some bark. Cleaned off the back patio. Finally put up the curtains. Went through my mom's glassware, getting ready to fill the curio cabinet. Need to do some deep cleaning, although not sure when I'll get to that. I'm bored with cleaning right now. lol

We are picking so much zucchini, green beans & lettuce right now in our garden, that many of the veggies in our meals are revolving around that. I've never made green bean casserole from scratch, only using the cans or frozen, so I'm excited to try that this week. And I found a healthier version of the french fried onions for the topping at Trader Joe's.

I think I'll also post a recipe for my zucchini & onions later this week that I make (so easy!). It's a great way to use up some up that zucchini, as one can only make so much zucchini bread.

Here's what we're having this week:

: Roasted Chicken & Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole

Tuesday: Salmon Cakes, Rice, Zucchini
, Salad


: Chicken Salad

Friday: Beef Stir Fry

Saturday: Tuna Casserole, Salad

: Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Casserole (never made last week)

For desserts this week, I'm planning to make zucchini bread (you knew this was coming, lol), homemade ice cream, chocolate pudding, and smoothies.

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