Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year

It's been a while since I've written anything on my blog. And you know, I'm starting to miss it. So you might hear more from me in the days to come. Or you might not. We're running on a day-by-day basis around here, so anything could happen! lol

I love a fresh new year. So many possibilities. New ways of doing things. A chance to recommit to what matters most & re-prioritize. Of course, this can be done any time of year. But a new year makes me want to organize. declutter. simplify.

Although, this new year, I'm not doing a whole lot of that right now. My baby girl was born just one month ago, and my days right now are filled with caring for her while trying to keep up with her 3 big brothers. So we've been enjoying lots of family time at home... well, at least it's enjoyable when someone's not crying.

With 3 little ones that are 2 & under, there is lots of crying, I'm afraid. They seem to take turns, although sometimes they don't wait to take turns & everyone's crying at once! That's the hardest thing for this mama. Bring on the diapers, the extra mess, toys everywhere... I can handle that. It's the crying that wears me out. But I am trying to enjoy the season we're in as best I can as I know they won't be little forever. I'm so thankful for my family.

So most things for us have been very simplified. Simple routines. Simple meals. We rarely go anywhere, except for church. It's hard to pack up all the kids & their stuff... it's easier to just stay home! But I'm slowly feeling up to adding more things back in. Like this blog. And we started back up with school this week for my 9-yr old. Oh, and I'm missing my friends!

I have to say it felt good to pack up all the maternity clothes. I'm soooo done with those, ready to pass them on. But my closet is seeming awfully bare as I've been in maternity clothes for pretty much 3 years straight. So I think I'll be venturing out soon to see what I can find. By myself. Well, just me and the baby girl.

Oh, and here are some pictures of my little sweetie. Can you tell I'm enjoying PINK for a change?

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