Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning

As I was reading my cleaning/organizing books the past couple of months, I slowly went through my house & decluttered a lot of things. My hallway looked like this for weeks, with all the stuff I was getting rid of!

I also switched out my children's clothing to the next sizes as well as their spring/summer clothing. This took a lot of time since all the little ones seemed to move into the next sizes all at once. That's probably what most of that stuff in the hallway was from.

It was perfect timing, though, because earlier this month, our city had a children's consignment sale that happens twice a year. I figured out which clothing they still needed for spring/summer as well as prepared my items to sell, which included all my 0-12 month baby boy clothes and my maternity clothes. It was kind of sad to see those go. The little boy clothes, not the maternity.

(It's hard to believe Little J was ever this small!)
But my sales were almost exactly what I needed in order to buy their next sizes, so that was great! I then took the rest of the items that didn't sell to the resale shops for trade and gave some away to friends. I have to say, I'm glad to have that project behind me, as well as all the extra space.

After decluttering, I moved on to cleaning. Just an hour or so each day. Mostly just vacuuming & dusting. My husband helped me move just about every piece of furniture, so we could vacuum behind/under it. He even took the computer apart & vacuumed inside of it. It had been running really loudly because of all the dust, and now it's sooo quiet. It's nice. I never knew you had to do that. Or maybe our house is just dustier than normal. Who knows.

We also did a little rearranging of furniture, mainly in the bedrooms. After 10 years, we are finally done with our bassinet. We've used it with all four kids. My baby girl is 4 months old now & she has upgraded to the pack'n play.

She's still sleeping in our room, though. I don't know where else to put her. The boys wake up early in the mornings & talk to each other and sing for like an hour. It's funny to listen to, but if I put her in there, her 10-12 hour stretch would most likely decrease to much less. No thank you! So for now, she stays in our bedroom.

It feels good to have all that done in time for Spring. I think I might do a little bit of decorating next. I have some pictures I'd like to get in frames.

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