Monday, May 2, 2011

Saturday Confessions: Life's a Blurr

One of my favorite blogs, A Familiar Path, has started a new link-up each week called Saturday Confessions, & I thought I'd join in. A few days late, but oh well...... Life's been a bit of a blurr lately...

Literally. In a good way, though.

My confession? I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like to. I've been chasing after little guys. They just love to run from me.

And it's hard to fit everything in, you know? Regular things like Eating. Sleeping. Sometimes we just have to combine them into one. It all works out.

We've also been up to some fun things like sleepovers, church potlucks, Easter celebrations.

And horse riding lessons. They were a birthday present for a certain 10-year-old. He's having a blast.

But he still has to get his school work done. I think that guitar is starting to become an extra limb. He never puts it down. This picture was of him a few minutes after I asked him to go read from his book basket about Germany. Next thing I know, he's sitting there strumming his guitar, singing "I'm readin' about Germany, I'm readin' about Germany..." Goofball. What can I say. At least he loves to read AND play his guitar... Homeschooling at it's finest.

And sometimes we do exciting things like watch for the garbage truck.

Well, at least for a while anyway. I guess it's not THAT exciting after all...

Don't worry, though. We'll figure things out.

Actually, I've got some things lined up. Ideas floating around. Posts I'd like to do. I'm sure I'll get to them. But if not, you'll forgive me, right? (All five of you, haha)

It's a good thing I've got some good helpers around here...

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Melissa Stover said...

my daughter is about to start guitar lessons.

thanks for linking up.

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