Friday, June 10, 2011

My May Freebies

I am amazed at all the things I am able to get for free. It's so much fun! Okay, so here's what I got in May. All for free!

Pictured Above:
1 Parents magazine
2 packs of GUM flossers (my hubby loves these)
1 Crest Pro Health toothpaste
3 rolls Scotch tape (I was able to donate 5 of these to VBS at church)
1 tub Cottonelle flushable wipes
1 Icy Hot Naturals
1 pack Scunci hair ties
2 free Redbox videos
1 mini box of Legos (Borders was giving these out)

Also Received:
2 free Blockbuster Express videos
8 free Walgreens collages (I posted pics of some of these here)
1 free Mother's Day card from TinyPrints (+ free shipping!)
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