Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Favorite Board Books

My 10-year old has been a big reader since he was in kindergarten. He enjoys staying up an extra hour each night, reading in bed. I'm hoping my other children follow in his footsteps with their enjoyment of books. So far, they've been pretty into books too, which has been great! Except sometimes maybe a little too into them... lol

Up until the past few months, most of the books my toddlers have read were ones that we owned. I had checked out a few board books from the library when Jordan (3yrs) was 18 months old, but one day, we found him sitting in a corner eating it! And he had already chewed the entire corner off!

I was hoping we wouldn't have to pay for it, I mean it was just a corner, the book was still readable, right?? Ummm sure. Well, I decided to just turn it into the library hoping they wouldn't notice, and well, they did. We got a postcard in the mail saying we owed $15.00 for "chew damage". Yikes! Needless to say, that was the last of the library for toddler books.

Well, it's been almost 2 years now, and my 3yr old was starting to get "bored" of his "board" books (actually I think it was more that I was getting bored reading the same books over and over for 2 years!), so I decided to finally start checking out some picture books from the library for him. He's been doing pretty good with them, although I still have to make sure that the 1 yr old doesn't rip them & that the 10-mo old doesn't eat them. So we're trying to keep them on a shelf up higher.

Today I'm actually taking the little ones to their first Library Story Time.

These are some of the board books we own that my boys have seemed to enjoy the most over the past few years... the ones they have brought me most often to read to them. Although, I'm sure there were a few other good ones that got eaten along the way... :)

Goodnight Moon

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Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Ooooooh, this is a timely post for me since I have a 16 month old who has just discovered that he really likes books! Thanks!

Mom and Kiddo said...

My youngest is starting to grow out of board books now and I'll be a little sad when they are given up for good.

Susan @ learning ALL the time!! said...

Very nice selection of board books!! Small children learn, of course, by putting everything in their mouths, so the kids are enjoying the books...just not in the accepted way for enjoying books ;)

Thanks for linking to Favorite Resources.

Raising a Happy Child said...

The chew damage story is hilarious! We also started to get library books once daughter left "put everything in the mouth" stage, and we enjoyed many of the same board books. Now, when she is 5, we are giving them to our best friends with newborns. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

Basbusa's Mama said...

Thanks for the recommendations, especially the doggies one! I have an 11-month-old who is crazy about dogs, but I hadn't managed to find any dog-books that were sturdy enough to stand up to her enthusiasm :)

Isil said...

E.Carle is always a favorite here.Thanks for linking up to Book Sharing Monday.

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