Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pinterest: My New Addiction

As much as I enjoy organizing, I certainly don't always feel organized. I'm always on a quest to find ways of doing things differently that will make life easier. I'm all about making life easier. It's exciting when you discover something that helps your day go more smoothly, whether it's in your menu planning, routines, organization, whatever it is.

my garage organizational system- love it!

The internet is so full of great ideas that it can sometimes become overwhelming. You have to pick & choose just which things might be a good choice for your family, and then narrow that down by which things you might actually do. That can be the hard part. So many choices!

But I've found that a big part of the battle is keeping all those great ideas organized so that you can find them again when you are ready to implement them. Things like new recipes, arts/crafts ideas, curriculum choices to look into, even decorating ideas. The list can be endless.

Until now, my ideas have been scattered all over the place. I have ideas filed in binders. In email folders. I bookmark things into folders on my computer. I tag things in my google reader, which is where I usually read a few of my favorite blogs as well as all of my friends blogs. I also have tried tumblr.com as a way of bookmarking, but never really found it very user-friendly. From there, I tried delicious.com, and I've liked it okay, but again, not as user-friendly as I'd like.

Well, about a month ago, my friend introduced me to Pinterest, an online pinboard, and I have to say, I am hooked! It's So. Much. Fun! It's incredibly user-friendly, you can just login with your facebook account (we all use that, right?), and you can organize all your bookmarks by whatever categories you want. If you come across a photo, website, or blog post that you want to save, you just click "pin it". So easy.

But I think the best thing about it is that there are pictures! Every bookmark you "pin" has a picture to go with it, and it makes it so much easier to scan through your bookmarks when you're looking for something later. Or when you just need some inspiration.

So the past few weeks, I've been slowly transferring all of my bookmarks to Pinterest. It's been nice to have them all in one place. Another great thing is if my computer ever crashes, I won't lose all of my bookmarks because now everything is online. Also, you can share all of your bookmarks with others & also see what things they've bookmarked. It's another great way to discover some new ideas.

So if you haven't tried Pinterest, I'd highly recommend trying it out. Although, you just might become addicted to it like me! Which wouldn't be a bad thing necessarily. Like anything else, it all depends on how you use it & what your purpose for it is. I can see how it could become a big time-snatcher if you're not careful. I thought this quote was funny:

But Pinterest has really been helping me feel more organized, as well as helping me be more intentional in actually implementing things I've wanted to do because I'm not so overwhelmed with trying to keep track of all those ideas! Besides, I have these guys to keep track of & they're a whole lot more fun...

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