Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tot School: Combining the Boys

Tot School
Jordan is 39 months old & Jaron is 23 months old

Last January, I began doing Tot School with my 2 1/2 yr old. It isn't really school, actually it's just focused time with my toddler each day. Rather than just letting him find something to play with on his own, I provide activities for him to choose from. I keep most of our homeschooling supplies as well as all of our puzzles, games, and some other activities in cupboards in my dining room. That way, everything is easily accessible.

Floor Puzzle

My 1yr-old was usually napping then, so a lot of times it was things that the 1yr-old wasn't ready to do yet, like play doh and painting, messy stuff like that. Sometimes he would do the activities on his own, and sometimes I would do them with him.

Water Color Painting

Well, now that they are 3yrs & almost 2 yrs, they are both doing Tot School this year. At least that's the goal. I'm still trying to incorporate the (almost) 2yr old into the mix, but sometimes it's his naptime (around 11am) by the time I get through all the morning chores, breakfast, and diaper changes. Whew! I could do it in the afternoon, but then that's when the 3yr old takes his nap. I just can't seem to get them to take their naps at the same time. {sigh}

Big brother helps make dinner (transferring chopped veggies to the big bowl) while little brother watches.

My oldest (10yrs) is in 5th grade, and the little girlie (10 months) spends most of her day just hanging out with me or napping. So it's a lot of juggling, but we'll just keep working on figuring out a good rhythm for everyone. I'm thinking about maybe incorporating a half-hour with everyone together doing their own age-appropriate activities then another half-hour with just the 3yr old once the 2yr old goes down for his nap. We'll see.

Jordan puts together an alphabet puzzle while Joshua does his math.

Here are more of their Tot School activities they did last week:

Jaron playing with army men

All sorts of fun stuff going on here. You can see the supplies cupboards in back.

We have lots of these 24-piece puzzles that he can put together all by himself now.

First time coloring with colored pencils

This boy can spend hours doing play doh. Love that!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have your hands full. I love that you base your tot school all around play and hope you can figure out a new schedule soon.

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